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About Us

Over 50 years of site, civil, and traffic consulting.

PROVIDENT DESIGN ENGINEERING, PLLC (PDE) is a Civil Engineering Consulting Firm providing services to Private Developers, as well as to Municipal, County and State Agencies in the Site/Civil Engineering, as well as Traffic and Transportation Engineering disciplines. Services include providing Land Development services to Developers to assist them in securing necessary permitting and approvals for major developments, as well as Construction Management upon obtaining all necessary permitting approvals. Services also include Public Sector Engineering Services to Public Agencies in their analysis and construction of Municipal, County and State Infrastructure improvements, including but not limited to, Traffic Signal Design, Highway Design, Sewer Design, Utility Design and Plan/Study Reviews.

Provident Design Engineering, PLLC is a derivative TRC Engineers, Inc., Hawthorne, NY Business Unit (TRC HTN). The personnel and operations of TRC HTN were formerly provided under the Company Raymond Keyes Associates (RKA). RKA was founded in 1958 and was one of the foremost Private Land Development and Traffic Engineering firms in the northeast. RKA was acquired by TRC in 1992 and continued to provide the same services with the same personnel as prior to the acquisition.

Those same services and ever expanding Client base have continued through the years until the PDE acquisition of TRC HTN. Many of the personnel that were with RKA are still with TRC as of the PDE acquisition. In fact, over half of the full-time employees have been with the company since it was RKA. The average level of experience with PDE and all predecessor firms is almost 30 years per employee. This ensures that the appropriate level of expertise is provided on every Project.