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Construction Underway For New Lowe’s Project In Yorktown

Construction Underway For New Lowe’s Project In Yorktown

best_2e90e1305b428f5972ee_5058d1801b44188f7d81_LowesThe projected final design of the site

Construction is well underway for the Lowe’s Project along Route 202/35 in Yorktown, Westchester County, New York. Located in the northwest quadrant of the key regional intersection of the Taconic State Parkway (a scenic byway) and Route 202/35, the Lowe’s Project is comprised of a 150,000 square feet Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse and Garden Center along with two restaurant parcels and a bank parcel. Provident’s Civil Engineering Division prepared the Site Plans for the Project.

The 25± acre site is located within the watershed of the NYC New Croton Reservoir. Within the property is a NYCDEP regulated perennial stream and more than 5 acres of wetland and buffer, within which a vernal pool is contained. As lead engineer and preparer of the Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements, Provident led the charge to avoid and/or mitigate potential impacts to the adjacent Taconic Parkway view shed, the NYC watershed and the adjacent roadway system. Protection of the scenic byway will be provided by a highly ambitious landscape plan containing dense evergreen plantings along the Taconic State Parkway.

The existing traffic congestion of adjacent roadways will be relieved by the addition of two exclusive left turn and through lanes to Route 202/35 at the Parkway interchange. Means of alternate transportation are promoted through the addition of sidewalks, bike lanes and a bus stop. Provident prepared the Highway Design Construction and Traffic Signal Plans that were approved by the NYSDOT.

The NYC drinking water basin and related onsite water resources will be protected by an extensive Stormwater Management Plan developed by Provident consisting of a surface infiltration basin, bioretention basin and stormwater management pond that will reduce pollutants from the stormwater runoff prior to reaching the onsite stream.

Through Provident’s creative design efforts, construction is underway.