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Site/Civil and Traffic Engineering Services

Project Location: Port Chester, NY
Client: Starwood Capital Group
Completion Date: Going to Construction

Project Challenges:

PDE was tasked with providing Site/Civil and Traffic Engineering services for the $450 Million Redevelopment of the former United Hospital site (approximately 15.4 acres) in Port Chester, New York.  The Application went through a tedious State Environmental Quality Review Act process that included detailed review by the Lead Agency (Port Chester Board of Trustees), as well as adjacent municipalities and the New York State Department of Transportation.  The proposed Application sought rezoning of the existing site to allow for a 1,000,000 square feet of Mixed-Use Development.  The site was significantly constrained from a grading, utility and traffic access standpoint.

PDE Solutions:

PDE prepared all Site Grading, Utility and Stormwater Management Plans and Reports, as well as the necessary Traffic Studies and Highway Improvement Plans.  The traffic analysis included an innovative solution of re-routing existing traffic through the Proposed Project site to alleviate existing capacity constraints at an adjacent intersection.  The traffic analysis recommended over $4 Million in off-site traffic improvements.  The Site Grading plans worked to balance the cut and fill on the site, which proved most challenging due to the grade of the site and the existing infrastructure in place from the former Hospital use.  The Stormwater Management analysis came up with a solution to reduce inflow and infiltration from existing conditions.


PDE played a critical role in assisting the Client in successfully securing the rezoning of the Property.  Additionally, the Project developed a key gateway into the community that the Village of Port Chester desired.